Workshop Reviews

Emma Bewley

“Alfie and I attended Nicky’s dog massage workshop on Sunday at Chilled Out Dogs. Nicky was demonstrating a tail massage in this pic. Check out the workshops Nicky does, really informative and easy to remember. We loved it!”

chilled-out-dogs-dog-massage-workshop-tail-massage chilled-out-dogs-dog-massage-workshop-alfie


Tracey Carroll

“Well, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening on Nicky’s “Understand Your Dog Workshop” – learned so much I think understanding dogs body language is a must – I’ll be watching those tails in happy valley as now understand what dog situations we need to avoid !”


Poppy Doodle

“Had a lovely evening at the “Understand Your Dog’s Behaviour Workshop” and got lots of positive ways to understand your dog, thanks :)”


Faye Lancaster and Panda Pug

“We came along to the Dog Massage Workshop with my pug Panda, Panda really enjoyed the day and we learnt much more than massage but also dietary and dog needs. Great day! Highly recommended.”



Karen Anson:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Nicky and Milo last night at one of their workshops. She shared lots of really useful tips and advice and explained how our energy is so important when interacting with dogs. Definitely left with lots to think about and practice. I’m looking forward to attending another one of their workshops in a few weeks, Mitsie and I really enjoyed it, thank you :-)))”


Helen Hayes

Nicky Crowe what did I do until I found you?!? Tinkerbell Primrose and Dorothy May have benefited so much in such a short space of time and there is no question you can’t answer. I am one neurotic mother yet you make me feel normal in my feelings and always know what’s best for me and my kids. Thanks again and please make sure you sign my partner and I up for your half day massage class in the new year. Thanks for being our Doggy Genius Guru. Helen and my babies xx



Reilly Hades Taylor

“Great workshops! Nicky gives you a deeper understanding and connection with your fur-baby and the explains the science behind the alternative and holistic therapies available. Absolutely 100% recommend.”



Cat Price:

“Got the pleasure of attending one of Nicky’s workshops this evening and both me and my little dog LOVED IT. Nicky has a relaxed and friendly approach which, coupled with her vast knowledge and understanding of dogs and their behaviour is a winning combination. Nicky is a fantastic communicator who made myself and my dog feel included and valued in the group within the first few minutes of arriving.

“We spent the evening learning all things dog related from a fantastic dog therapist Nicky Crowe from Chilled Out Dogs. Super excited to put all wisdom into practice with Mr Alfie and I cannot wait for the next workshop next week! X”


Sam Scott-Mance

We attended the Valentine’s Day Dog Massage Workshop hosted by Nicky Crowe and the fabulous Milo
What a wonderful, informative afternoon. We learnt so much about the benefits of Dog Massage and had the opportunity for well explained hands on practical learning to.
I would highly recommend Nicky’s workshops to anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of their dog and how the aspects of holistic health can benefit and enhance their lives. I hope to attend more workshops in the future
Sam & Pickle 🙂 x



Andrea Collins:

“A thought provoking workshop session. I was greeted with a warm welcome. I left reflecting on the need to be mindful of how my feelings might transfer to and from my dogs.”


Some reviews from my sold out talk:

Manchester at Night: Is Your Dog Misunderstood


Sharon Schofield

“Such a lovely evening with a excellent talk. Nicky & her beautiful boy Merlin were
fab. Will definitely be recommending😍🐶xx”.


Krista Thomas

“Good venue, relaxed atmosphere and very interesting talk from Nicky. I reckon I’ve
taken in more info than my conscience admits and some good quick tid bits on
behaviour issues. Enjoyable night thanks”.


Sarah Eggleton

“Very informative and useful talk!”


Sandra Billson

“Interesting & enjoyable. Merlin is gorgeous 🐶”.


Jacqueline Rucker

“Very good talk!”


Sarah Eggleton

*Before we heard Nicky speak at “Is Your Dog Misunderstood” Reggie was extremely hyper active, he demanded to be played with non-stop and was barking for attention and chewing /showing destructive behaviours. *

*After hearing Nicky speak we tried some dog massage and meditation and
Reggie is much calmer. We’ve been more aware of what Reggie might be
experiencing and this has enabled us to respond to his behaviour in a much
calmer and more informed way. He is now much happier sitting with us and
playing calmly with a chew toy and is slowly barking less and less at
passers by. I’d strongly recommend Nicky’s workshops to anyone struggling
with their dog! *