Last week I launched a series of workshops all about Understanding Our Dogs better. And I was so excited to hold the first one at THE most beatiful venue in Cheshire: The Yard in Alderley Edge.

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Pictures above by Georgie Glass @georgie_glass

Have you ever said the words: “I wish my dog could tell me what is wrong?” Then these workshops are a great place to start. Over the upcoming months I will be running through the essentials in dog behaviour and language. You don’t need to be an animal communicator to understand our dogs better (although this does help…) I believe that we can all learn to better communicate with our loved ones.

Each workshop is different, at the beginning we recap on the basics of dog body language and I will build on this in segments, to look at “how dogs learn from us”, “how to communicate back to them”, “case studies on specific behaviours like separation anxiety, barking, pulling on the lead, aggression and more…


Pictures above by Tony Ioannides @tonyioa

Dogs are communicating all the time, they speak with each other through body language, scent, eye contact, verbal cues and energy etc. And they communicate with us humans too! It’s just that not many of us have studied a dog behaviour course or know how to read their language… Just because dogs don’t have the capacity to talk like we do does not make them “dumb animals”. Far from it… Would you call a human child dumb because they are born without the capacity to speak or hear? No, of course not! We would find ways to communicate through sign language, body language and other means. It is the same with our dogs.

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Come and learn how to form a language between you and your dog. A language based on love, trust and common goals. Your dog will feel liberated once you start to communicate and understand their language.

Understanding our dogs also helps to resolve common behavioural issues which are often misunderstood. Most of the time our dogs are trying to tell us something with their behaviours. And the message can be lost when we mistake their actions as “stubborn”, “naughty”, “letting you down”. There is nothing worse than living in a state of stress with your dog. Neither of you will benefit from what should be a loving relationship of unconditional love, understanding and equilibrium.


You can achieve the “impossible” with dog behaviours, I have seen it so many times with my clients. We just need to take the time to understand our dogs. To understand that they are often reflecting issues from within ourselves and the home environment. Or even if they have come to you with issues stemming from external reasons, such as rescue dogs or dogs who have experienced trauma (dog attacks and the like), there is always a reason why this particular behaviour has come into your life. Helping our dogs can often have a profound effect on our own lives when we understand the very special reason why they are with us.


Sometimes this reason is to build our own self-confidence or to bring out the “parent” role that we may play with our kids but forget to embody for our dog kids. Our dogs may be telling us that we need to find ways to cope with the stress in our lives, or to let go of age old feelings of “guilt” and “disappointment”. Our dogs are there to help us when we are feeling low or unable to cope and by understanding the big impact our energy has on their lives – this often helps my clients to help themselves first and transform their own emotional energy in order to give their dogs a better life too.

I’ve even had a client take the leap and leave their toxic job for a better one… The changes can be profound. And what better way to receive the gift of self-love but from our dogs who love us unconditionally.


Pictures by Tony Ioannides @tonyioa

To learn ways to better understand your dog and how to help rehabilitate dogs with behaviour issues, please do join our next workshop at The Yard in Alderley Edge on Wednesday evening 28th September at 7pm.


Pictures by Tony Ioannides @tonyioa and Georgie Glass @georgie_glass

Please do follow these amazingly talented photographers who so kindly offered their time to take pictures at my workshop xx

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Written by Nicky