John Mason

“Nicky you are my saviour Albert and Archie are responding so well with your advice on visitors to the house as in the door bell, no bark, just sits and stays, so proud. And it’s only been a week since your visit!”


Darren Pollitt

Nicky is an amazingly kind, open hearted person who is so passionate & knowledgeable about her work with dogs. I have attended Nicky’s lectures on both animal behaviour & reiki in person, myself & Casper have also partaken in skype sessions. Nicky has such a calm manor and brilliant way of teaching to provide you with the tools you need that will put both you and your dog at ease. I can whole heartedly 100% recommend Nicky for both you and your dogs wellbeing. Thank you for an amazing experience and all your help.

Darren & Casper

Sharon McQuillan

“Three tired and well behaved fur babies after a few hours training with Nicky. I really thought I was going to have to rehome one of my dogs due to the fights over toys, food and attention but after a few hours of training with Nicky the dogs know what is expected of them and I have also been shown what I need to do. I really can’t believe these are the same dogs! Amazing what Nicky has done for us and now we have a training plan going forward. We are going to achieve what I never thought we could until Nicky came and rescued us!  Thank you from us all 😍🐶🐶🐶 xxx”



Elvis the pug on the left and Dolce the french bulldog were at each others throats

An update one week later:

“It’s like a different house! Not had a fight now since last Friday! Can’t thank you enough! Massive thank you from all of us!


Anapriya Urquhart (Skype client consultation in London)

We have tried a number of different ways to try and train lovely but boisterous
schnauzer Magnus (aged 3) but Nicky’s advice really was a breakthrough!  Nicky had
been Recomended to me by a friend who lives in Manchester, since I’m based in London
I decided to try the Skype session to see if she could offer any new tips /
insights.  It is the best money I have ever spent on training!  Nicky was fantastic
she listened to our concerns and the behaviour we wanted to work on and I had also
sent her some photos and videos before our session (as well as completing the
information form) so she had a good idea of what the problem areas were.  She gave
us fantastic advice and really useful tips on how to help Magnus cope in stressful
situations and how to try and get him to relax and go to his bed rather than react
to visitors etc.  Her advice has made a huge difference to our relationship with
Magnus, walks are no longer stressful and tips like getting him to relax and go to
his bed have made a huge difference in terms of his barking and restlessness.  Thank
you so much Nicky! I would definitely recommend Skype sessions if your not close
enough to visit Nicky.

chilled-out-dogs-magnus-2 chilled-out-dogs-magnus-3


Michelle Brett (Skype client, Hertfordshire)

I contacted Nicky about my bichon Riley who was barking at my neighbours and I wasn’t sure how a Skype session would work. The results were great! A lot better than I would have expected. I would go as far as saying that it is the same as having her there as per a home visit. As she is literally in the room with me. I gained so much from just one session alone and have the confidence to know that many of the things I was doing were right and new training tools and techniques to help my boy be happier and to have happier neighbours! Which is important because I live in a flat. Thank you so much Nicky. xx


Emma Wilmore (Online Puppy Course attendee, North-West)

I am taking Nicky’s 8 week Puppy Online Course and my pug puppy Boris and
I have just completed week 1 and we are really happy with the advice about
his food and potty training. Nicky is tailoring the course to eactly our
needs. Skype is just as good as a home visit as Nicky is literally in the
room with us and can see all that is going on. Next week we will be
receiving feedback on my techniques and how Boris is progressing. And stop his biting! His teeth are so sharp. I’m already getting the teething tools Nicky told me about in preparation. It is lovely to have this support every step of the way. and I can message Nicky in between Skype sessions as well. Very happy. xx

Olivia Leathley

“I was worried about my cocker spaniel Poppy because she suffered with terrible separation anxiety and after a session with Nicky I now understand her so much better, and have been given lots of methods and ways to help her be a much happier, more confident dog! Could not recommend Any higher, this woman Knows what she’s doing and is incredible doing it. Thank you so much!! difference in her is incredible, thank you so much xxx”

And an update 1 month later:

“Honestly the difference in her is incredible, thank you so much. She’s a different dog, she hasn’t howled or cried once xxx” Olivia


Poppy in the background as Hoagy the cat hogs the camera… 🙂


Jakki Hope

“Thank you so much Nicky, only hours after our consultation and I am at my mums (she is in a wheelchair) and she cant believe the differance! No barking or jumping up at her WOW. Just happy and chilled out xx”



Grace and Hattie, looking a little hypnotised after our #chilledoutdogs session 🙂


Alex Carter

“After weeks of troubles and problems with our gorgeous cocker spaniel, Mumford, we decided to seek help from the amazing Nicky. From the moment she walked in, she put Mumford at ease and total calm along with the rest of the family. We have put in practice what Nicky told us to do and showed us, and we are already seeing the benefits. Still a fair way to go but can honestly say we are 100% optimistic for the outcome. Cant thank Nicky enough, it was a real pleasure meeting her .”

chilled-out-dogs-mumford chilled-out-dogs-mumford-2


Justine Moustafa Khalil

“Oh Thankyou so so much Nicky. All I can say is WOW. He’s currently relaxing in his bed, very chilled out, happy and content. I can’t believe the progress he is making with your techniques, I’m truly impressed.
I’ve been trying his go in his bed techniques and he’s doing awesome. I dropped lisa at the station and I managed to get her out of the car without any barking or lunging at the window, must keep practicing this.
I am very proud of him. Love him too pieces and our bond just gets stronger and stronger.
Thankyou for all you do. I can’t recommend you enough to anybody who needs any help.
Looking forward too seeing you next time
Thankyou to beautiful Milo too.

“Nicky is somebody I would definitely recommend. The change in Hugo has been amazing. She’s fantastic I can’t recommend her enough. Xxx


Hugo in his bed, rather than chasing after people and biting at their heels. His expression? Butter wouldn’t melt…

Amanda Stansfield

“After just one visit the house is a lot calmer, we are working on the good advise we were given and the results are speaking for them selves can’t wait to for next session :)) highly recommended :)))”



Update 2 months later: Poppy the Shih Tsu is only attacking Holly the staffie once at night rather than throughout the day. We are almost there!


Barbara Smith (Skype consultation, USA)

Rosie ( my big old english sheepdog) & I just finished a Skype session with Nicky & Milo  ( her adorable puppy) and absolutely LOVED our session !!! Rosie is a reactive dog and I have done “everything” to help her. Finding Nicky online was synchronistic… as it turns out, she was a very important piece of the puzzle we have been missing. Nicky comes from an “outside” the box ” approach …. and she very gently & lovingly guided me on an holistic / energetic approach to relax into & be an opening for magic & transformation to show up for us while giving us concrete things to do. I work in the world of energy & healing and I still got so much from her. I totally get that this is her soul’s calling … and.. if you are thinking about working with her in any capacity …. DO IT … you will be grateful you did and you too can be “sprinkled” with her “Magic” !!!”


Sophie Yvonne

“I met the lovely Nicky last week for my dog Marley who is a miniature poodle who suffers with anxiety and barking. Nicky has such a lovely and genuine approach with animals it didn’t take long for either of us to feel relaxed. In fact I have rarely seen Marley so relaxed with anyone. We also covered a lot of ways to deal with his problems which I have already put into practice. Marley is responding very well. As I dog walker these have also been very useful to put into practise with my other dogs. Happy dogs all round. I love both the holistic approach Nicky uses and the practical side. Marley was so chilled out after his massage. I really can’t recommend Nicky enough.”



Clare Grindod

“The lovely Nicky came to help us with our pack of 5 dogs. It’s a little bit like watching The Dog Whisperer where dogs change with a few sets of rules and from what I’ve learnt my anxiety gets passed on to our dogs. I would definitely recommend Nicky on to everyone I know  x”








Sandra Stephenson

Had my first session with Nicky yesterday over Skype and I was so impressed. She has given me the tools to start making changes with my dogs behaviour and I feel so much more confident that she’s supporting me to achieve a happy and content dog.”

“After 2 weeks and I have made so much progress I don’t even think I need a follow-up. He is a different dog and has even started to play a little which he didn’t do before such was his obsession with my other dog and his anxiety. Thanks Nicky x”

chilled-out-dogs-doug chilled-out-dogs-doug


Jan Seddon

“I took my little Teddy on the train last weekend to London, a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have risked it because of his anxiety, but thanks to Nicky and her training of ‘me’ he was amazing! Only slightly anxious at the station when trains came in but slept most of the 2 hour journey. He has calmed so much, and is an absolute joy”

chilled-out-dogs-teddy chilled-out-dogs-dog-clients-teddy-2

John Mason and Richard Kelly

“I cannot recommend enough, Albert my 5 year old pug had his first session last night for stress and anxiety and we have tried our best to carry out all of Nickys advice and so far it has payed off, calm pug we have just after one session, no constant barking and screaming when the doorbell goes. Thank you Nicky we look forward to our next session.”

[Albert on the left]


Josie Starling:

“Thank you Nicky. I currently have 2 chilled out pugs.
2 hours of intense training to help them with their separation anxiety and already they are benefiting. I have been astounded all evening at what you have achieved in such a short time. There is hope. Anyone who can get Gertie to do as she is told is alright by me. Can’t wait for our next session.  I am still beaming about the fact that they didn’t go mental when you left. It’s the first time ever I have opened that front door without them charging out of it. One very happy mummy here too. Thank you.”

2nd session:

“I am completely astonished at the results already and just the way you know exactly what they need mentally and physically. You are amazing! It’s a revelation. I love learning and I know need help to make me an even better mummy.
We are all 3 chilled out on the settee. Gertie didn’t try once to get in my space whilst I eat my tea and she is now letting me watch emmmerdale which is usually a no no X thank you so much X”


Helen Hayes

“Nicky, what did I do until I found you?!? Tinkerbell Primrose and Dorothy May have benefited so much in such a short space of time and there is no question you can’t answer. I am one neurotic mother yet you make me feel normal in my feelings and always know what’s best for me and my kids. Thanks again. Thanks for being our Doggy Genius Guru. Helen and my babies xx”


Stuart Davenport

“Thanks Nicky, Herbie and I have much work to do but having you explain his behaviour and understanding what he needs is so refreshing and positive moving forward. We’ve tried other behaviourists without success, we’re all so grateful for your help and advice. I now even have a cat that’s learned to sit!!”



Justine Khalil

“Absolutely fabulous is all I can say. Hugo my Bichon Frese is 18 months old. Nicky came very highly recommended from a good friend and I was very impressed with her. Hugo can get into all sorts off mischief and suffers from anxiety. Nicky has taught me so much today he was like a different boy. He is currently so relaxed and flat out at the moment. I’ve got lots of new commands to be practicing with him. Thankyou Nicky. Looking forward to our next session. Wonderful lady and Milo is just beautiful. Xxx”


Karen Green (Skype client testimonial)

5 months ago Nicky at Chilled Out Dogs was recommended to help me with my young working cocker spaniel who was very anxious resulting in some aggressive behaviours including object guarding.

I was very keen to get some advice as soon as possible as Christmas was approaching and we were going to be having lots of visitors at our home and also visiting and  staying in two different households.  From the first Skype session, Nicky was a huge help. It is a brilliant resource, Nicky was able to arrange a Skype session within a week, therefore avoiding any delay, she got to see me and my dog in our home environment. She had emailed me a referral/information form to complete before the session and so had very detailed information from me about my dog, avoiding lengthy explanations during the session. We were able to get stuck right in to the training and Nicky gave me lots of advice / strategies about how to ease my boy’s anxiety to reduce the unwanted aggressive behaviours.

Nicky is very calming and reassuring, and immediately I felt confident that I could deal with these behaviours in a rehabilitative way with Nicky’s support and guidance. We had Skype sessions on a weekly basis for about four weeks. In this time my boy’s behaviour changed dramatically, he was calmer, the object guarding significantly reduced, he was happier and more relaxed. He sailed through the stresses of having a house full of people and dogs and staying in two other households without incident. He managed to settle well at night in the unfamiliar homes. We were able to get out all his chew bones that had had to be put away and they remain lying around the house, for him to use when he wants, as he is no longer guarding them.

We still have more of journey to go, but with Nicky’s help I am confident he will get there and be a calm, well-adjusted little dog. He was able to enter his first agility show last weekend. He thoroughly enjoyed it and people commented how calm he was, he even won a first.

I can’t recommend the Skype sessions strongly enough, I had my iphone on a cheap tripod, so Nicky could see me as well as if she was in the room, this enabled her to give me strategies and then to watch me practising them and advising as I did it. I could also video my training and send this to Nicky for feedback. When I had a less successful training session or a bad episode I could msg/email/whatsapp Nicky and get feedback/help/support very quickly. I think having a trainer on hand like this has enabled me and my boy to make the progress we have made.

Thanks Nicky x

 Kirstie Beasley

“After just one session with Nicky we’ve noticed a difference in Auds. Nicky helped me to understand why she behaves in the way she does, which was incredibly helpful in learning not only what we need to do differently but why. I really would recommend contacting Nicky if you have any behavioural issues you need help with.”



Kaz Brown

Nicky has the most calm and loving nature. She spent so much time with Jassy. She has healing hands. The massage and reiki hasmade such a difference to Jassy. She’s so relaxed. Looking forward to booking another session for her. Thank you Nicky – you’re a star

chilled-out-dogs-jassy chilled-out-dogs-jassy-7


Julie Williams:

“Hi to anyone who is thinking about using Nicky’s skills with dogs to enhance their own relationship with their pet. Go for it! Nicky is so devoted to dogs it is palpable, her love for Milo is so touching, her knowledge, experience and talent in this field is supported by proven success. I would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in modern animal welfare, health, nutrition and therapy. An holistic approach.”




Jan Ruddick

“Thank you Nicky for another fantastic session tonight with my three fluffs…..we progressed such alot..especially with the very wilful Bobby. I will be training them every day so hopefully you will see a difference by Sunday!!!…..now Sunday……there are certainly challenges awaiting you then Nicky to stop them barking while on a walk!!!! Have a great week…thank you sooo much..you are a total ‘Wonder Woman!!!”