Shamanic Animal Workshops in Manchester

Shamanic Animal Workshop
animal-eagle-with-girl-Sylvia-Laurens chilled-out-dogs-shamanic-animal-workshop-manchester
I’m so excited to be offering this workshop! Where Milo (my dog) and I will guide you in the exploration of the medicine (gifts) of the animals.
The animal world has much to teach us in our everyday lives. There are many myths of a time when there were no boundaries between human and animal. When humans were at peace with the animals and spoke their language.
This time has come again. With 2015 the year of 8 and the opening from Sirius, animal lovers are guided to once again connect with the animals in a relationship of equilibrium. (Join the club if you would like to read more on this subject):
In this workshop we will enter into the world of totem poles, animal guides, symbolism and the wisdom of animal communications.
If you feel pulled to come to this workshop please bring a totem with you. This can be something that reminds you of your pet animal, a picture of an animal you connect with (e.g crow, horse, lion etc), a necklace or jewellery item, a feather, or anything that pulls on you to bring along.
Love Nicky and Milo x paw x