Separation Anxiety online course (deposit)


Separation anxiety is a treatable condition in dogs. But it takes time, commitment and understanding from the dog parents. This online course offers an affordable way to help rehabilitate your dog and give them the tools and training to cope with being alone for reasonable amounts of time.

The course involves face-to-face consultation with Nicky Crowe, Dog Behaviourist; written course work, practical training exercises and test questionnaires. Read more below…



Separation anxiety is a common behaviour issue in dogs but it has also become a catch-all phrase for many different types of anxiety our dogs could be suffering from. It is therefore very important to get the diagnosis right. It is not natural for dogs to be left on their own inside 4 walls for long periods of time. And even more unnatural for them to be separated from their pack. Sometimes, what your dog could be suffering from is lack of stimulation, exercise and boredom, so make sure to tick all the boxes in terms of walking them before leaving the house, allowing them access to toileting during the day, leaving enrichment toys for them to play with while you are out before embarking on this course. Intuitively though, most dog parents know when there is something more seriously wrong…

Like most things in our modern society, we can help to train our dogs to adapt and cope with separation from the pack. Separation anxiety is a treatable condition and the program that will be developed for you is based on whether the anxiety is a mild form, moderate or severe.

This online course involves face-to-face consultation with Nicky Crowe, Dog Behaviourist, written course work, practical training exercises and test questionnaires. Nicky will set up either text or whatsapp communication between yourselves so that you have feedback and support at each step along the way.

If you already have video footage of your dog when they are home alone or in a room separate to you that would be useful but please do not leave your dog barking, howling or crying for long periods of time. Until a diagnosis has been got please arrange for your dog to be with someone 24/7 so that the situation is not made worse. This may be involving family and relations to help dog sit, asking help from neighbours, a trusted dog sitter, taking your dog to work with you (if possible).

The components of this course involve:

-Management of the condition during the training and rehabilitation period



-Training and Behaviour program tailored to your dog

Once you book onto this course and pay the deposit you will be sent a form to fill in as part of the assessment. An assessment will be made and a training program created for you that includes written material for you to study as well as online face-to-face consultations via Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp/Facetime or telephone call.


Deposit = £37

Remainder course amount: £88

Total = £125

For severe cases or those dogs who need extra training support to learn the basics of sit, lie-down, stay. Any further sessions are charged at £40/hr




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