How to read dogs’ body language


Learn how to read your dog and other dogs’ body language more accurately. To improve communication between you and your dog and to help you to interpret how your dog and other dogs feel about each other and situations they are in. Read more below…



Learning how to interpret dogs’ body language is vital to being a dog parent.

Body language is a huge part of how dogs communicate with each other and with you. And they are amazing at reading their human’s body language! Studies have shown that dogs even look at a specific part of our face to interpret how we are feeling about any given thing.

Understanding your dog’s body language will help you to better communicate with them. It can help overcome any behavioural issues they may have. And it is vital in understanding how well your dog socialises with other dogs.

As humans we can miss body language cues given by your dog and others in social interactions. Signs that tell us how your dog and other dogs are feeling. Are they comfortable, tense, fearful, aggressive, happy, excited, playful, unsure etc…

We may be misinterpreting one thing for another.

Reading dog body language helps to give confidence when you are out walking your dog about dog interactions and how to avoid potential conflict and aggression.

This course comprises part theory and part face time either on Skype, Zoom, whatsapp or FaceTime. Or simply over the phone.

Really looking forward to teaching you.

Love Nicky


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