Animal Communication Online Course

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This is a unique course designed to give you tailored and personal access to animal communication abilities.

8 weeks of course content, video tutorials, email interaction, practical exercises, scientific research. Skype/telephone calls on request.

Instalment payment is available upon request. Email:

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Animal Communication Online course:

With Nicky Crowe BA, MSc

Dog Behaviourist, Therapist and Animal Communicator

This course enables you to access your inner ability to understand and communicate with animals. Helping pet parents, animal trainers, behaviourists, and anyone who works or lives with animals to vastly enhance their training, practice and/or bond with animals in their care.

This is a specialist course unlike any other in that you receive personal interaction and guidance over the 8 module course; in the form of emails, an online workshop, video tutorials, course content, further reading list, practical exercises, case studies and corroboration. This course works at your own pace so don’t worry if you have a busy lifestyle.

There is also the ability to request further learning through 1-1 Skype/telephone calls.

Syllabus includes:

Animal communication

The science of telepathy
Transpersonal interspecies communication
Quietening the mind
Clearing emotions
The ego
Inka meditation
The ancient self and shamanic animal communication
Clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance

Personal help with your pet’s behaviour issue can be woven into these modules…

The aim of this course is to give you the theory, tools and practices to develop your ability to communicate with animals. How quickly you advance depends on the time and practice hours that you apply yourself.

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This course delivers 8 modules of content that can be taken at your own pace. So you don’t need to rush things.

Cost: £200 (Usually £250)

Installment payments available upon request. Email:



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