Online Course Testimonials

Emotional Remedies for Dogs Online Course


“The worksheets on this online course are nicely set out and easy to understand.  I am learning so much about the emotional response to essential oils by dogs, and cant wait to put it all into practice!”

Marie Loughlin


Dog Massage Online Course via Skype:

“Dash, Chewie and I met Nicky when she was on location in Cape Town in December. Already then
it was clear that she has a wonderful way with dogs. When I explained Chewies nervous aggressive behaviour to her, she suggested we do a Skype massage session. This I finally got to about a month ago, when Dash also hurt himself and I now had two dogs that needed massaging, and have been so happy with the results.
It was clear to me that I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn a
bit of dog massage from such an informed and highly qualified therapist. As the
session began, I could see she had prepared for this with notes, and had her
beautiful Merlin on her lap to demonstrate on. As Dash is a small dog, I also had
him on the lap, and he immediately took to the soothing strokes that I was being
guided through. The instructions were clear and Nicky would correct and encourage
me as the training session progressed. After the session, she also sent me notes on
the order as we did in the session, which is extremely useful for me when I massage
my two dogs now. I can see the benefits very clearly in both Dash and Chewie, and
can truly say that this session has contributed towards my dogs becoming Chilled
out Dogs.”

Gabriele Von Durckheim, Cape Town