New Moon Ritual

Last Friday 06.05.2016 was a New Moon and I hosted my first ever New Moon ritual for 10 of us (including Milo my dog).

It was an amazing experience and I wanted to share it with you all so that you too can set new intentions for you and your dog.

A new moon re-occurs every 4 weeks with a full moon 2 weeks after.

The New Moon is known as the time to set new intentions (wishes) for yourself as it is the dark time of the moon. The time which is closely associated with a mother’s womb, dark and fertile for impregnating new intentions. The moon is a powerful source for intention setting and can help to further empower the magic that we create.

In this ritual, we each brought an apple and cut out the seeds. Each seed represented a new wish. And some people had up to 8 of them! I had 5 from my apple.

We sat in circle, out in nature, around a Beltane flame and wrote down our intentions on a piece of paper. We also made peace with any blockages we might have that were preventing us from realising our wishes. And we planted our seeds in little plant pots and watered them for 3 days (that night and 2 further days).

We came back to our pot (many of us left them out in our gardens for the new moon energies to touch) and watered our intentions. Bringing them back into view and tending to them. Channeling our energy into the New Moon ritual with the power of the number 3. Three being the number of creativity. Papa (1) + Mama (2) = BOOM a baby (3)!

This is a picture of where I placed my pot. In the space cleared for when I create a herb garden. I also put Mr Puffin there to bring in some music to further the spell. 😉


Happy Moon Magic to you all and to your dogs.

Written by Nicky