Milo hosts a Shamanic Animal Workshop

Animal medicine and the Shamanic approach

Milo and I held our first Shamanic Animal Workshop in Manchester Wednesday night and with all the football traffic and full moon lunatics, I definitely felt some animal excitement in the air.

Thank you so much to the group who made it through to the workshop – it was a very special night and we all had some piece of animal wisdom, knowledge and experience to give to each other.


The animal world has much to teach us in our everyday lives. There are many myths of a time when there were no boundaries between human and animal. When humans were at peace with the animals and spoke their language. In this workshop I wanted to explore both the energies from animals in spirit and the lower world but also animals in our everyday lives. The animal signs we get, the visitors and the meanings, wisdom and healing we receive.

In the workshop, I started with a grounding exercise and visualisation. A technique that I use in the preparations for my own communications with animals. To centre the brain and relax the body into a calm, focused state. This was an ad lib experience and I really enjoyed guiding the group to connect in with nature, with their animal totem and coming to a point of stillness. Shaking off and leaving behind the stresses from the day.

And on coming back into circle, it was my intention for the night to explore the animal wisdom and medicine from Mother Spider.


It is around this time of year where you may notice an abundance of spiders and spider webs. And it was exactly this time of year, last Autumn when I formed my own speical bond with a poisonous spider who helped me to overcome my phobia… Read Milo’s Blog for the story on how we rescued and rehomed this beautiful, poisonous spider and how she came to represent a protector energy for me in my life. And how this experience has transformed me. I no longer feel unprotected and insecure in my environment…


Spider’s are ancient beings, believed to be 300 million years old. They embody the ancient soul of existence and are often seen as our connection to the spirit world and ancient wisdom. Their web forming a portal between worlds. I have a dream catcher that aptly represents this bridge between dream worlds, the waking world and the spirit world.

Each of us in the group talked about our understanding of the spider. What she represents and drawing meanings from her for our own lives. It is by truly connecting in with the energies of an animal, physical and behavioural and in spirit that we come to understand what these energies reflect back for us in our lives and our current situations.

It was interesting how the first thing that comes to mind about spiders is FEAR. Spider phobias are commonplace and I can speak from experience! As we approach Halloween, the spider is the most obvious symbol for this festival. Spider webs and spiders are the most purchased decoration to adorn people’s walls and exteriors during Halloween. To invoke fear from children and adults alike…


In a survey taken, researchers found that children fear spiders the most above other things like being afraid of the dark, being kidnapped, getting hit by a car, bombs, fire or burglars.

My fear list? Spiders, being burgled and being afraid of the dark were on my top three list of fears. And yet I have never had a bad encounter with a spider… I now think that Spiders get a pretty unfair rep. Culturally and through celebrations such as Halloween we are taught from an early age to fear spiders.

chilled-out-dogs-shamanic-animal-spiderWhen actually Spiders do so much good for people and the planet. Protecting our homes from insect invasions and keeping equilibrium and balance in the insect world through their prey instincts. Spiders are in turn food for other organisms, from other spiders to birds etc. Spider venoms show promise in the field of medicine. Spider silk is among the strongest, most elastic of natural fibers.  Spiders are also key to our understanding of animal physiology and human psychology.

Once the group explored the spider energy further we had great insights into the motherly instincts of the spider. Protecting her sack of eggs. The spider symbolising the dark womb, and winter’s gestation period, and of creation. Spinning her web: spiders are understood to be weavers of fate and in literary fields the spider energy is the spirit of writing and spinning words onto paper. Didn’t Charlotte from Charlotte’s web spin words into her web too?


What was also interesting is how the spider is connected to the energies of the 8. A very healing, balancing and abundant number. The spider’s body is actually in the shape of a figure 8 with a smaller top half to the bottom half of the 8. Spider’s have 8 legs and most have 8 eyes.

chilled-out-dogs-shamanic-animal-workshop-spider-medicineI may just have penned this spider… Can you tell how proud I am of myself? 🙂

The fragility and beauty of spiders was talked about in our group. Their delicate webs and body. Throwing a spider out the house in a frenzy can kill them as they have such delicate structures.

It is always interesting how, each time you connect in with an animal you receive something new you had not thought about them before. On Wednesday night I noticed how I drew very prominent feelers, out from my spider. The message I take here is that even if I throw myself into the unknown or out of my comfort zone. I have natural feelers that will guide me and set me up on my course and direction without needing days and days of research or planning. We each have a natural in-bulit, innate wisdom and guidance system.

I know I can always call on my protector, my spider should I feel insecure, in danger or vulnerable.

To end the class I took the group on a guided meditation to the lower worlds to meet their animal totem or power animal and to ask their own question and receive answers. This was a very healing experience and one group member who had not been sleeping well said she got the best night’s sleep afterwards. Which was so lovely to hear. There were beautiful and powerful energies in the room with us this night.

If you would like to join in and explore animal energies and signs with us. We have a facebook group you can go to should you wish to join us.

And I will be holding more Shamanic Animal Workshops in 2016 so please sign-up to the club to be sent an invite.

Thank you to the energies who assisted me in this workshop and to the wisdom from the animals. We had big bear, wolf pack and lone wolf, a bunny and Milo my dog of course who guided us all that night.



And Milo’s blog is never complete without him. Thank you Milo for allowing me speak on your blog x