Host a Dog Massage Party

Nicky, Dog Behaviourist and Therapist travels up and down the country giving dog massage, dog nutrition and dog self-selecting remedy workshops and parties.

To host your dog party you would just need to be able to gather 4 friends or clients and your place is FREE as the host.

We can either hold it at your venue if you run a dog business, or a local church hall, pub or dog friendly venue.

Cost per person is £35

Email to organise your dog party.

Once you email Nicky to say you would like to host a dog party, Nicky will send you information to set up a Facebook page and a link to a payment page on her website to use to promote the event. If you are not on Facebook that is fine too.

Dogs that are sociable and quiet are welcome and for people whose dog cannot attend we can find a demo dog for them to practice on…

Regular home massage keeps our dogs relaxed, healthy, injury free and can ward off arthritis and other pain disorders in later life.

It is therapy for all kinds of health conditions. Massage helps to release any trauma held within the dogs’ body both physical and emotional.

And if you would like to have a chilled out dog – massage is one of the most instrumental tools you can use to help them. It helps to transform behavioural issues, such as, fear aggression, barking, anxiety, phobias etc.

Organise a friendly and fun dog party where you will all learn massage techniques to help your dog their whole life through.


COST: £35 per person – dogs come free. (Plus £1.50 PayPal fee)

Generally a day will look like this:

welcome, tea & coffee and dog socialising

Introduction to dog massage: benefits, typical conditions and how massage can help

Preparation for massage: preparing the hands and mind, introduction to energy work, boney landmarks, muscles

pee break for doggies

Practical massage, touch therapy techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique, Acupressure and supplements

Practice time, mini-consultations with Nicky

Home time

To host your own Dog Massage Party please email Nicky

DOG GUIDELINES: Please note that 50% of this workshop is theory and 50% practical. So it is suitable for quiet dogs who love other human and doggy company

Love Nicky and Milo

“I use massage as part of the home visits and behaviour consultations that I give to my dog clients because it helps me to transform a negative behaviour or energy into a calm and relaxed state. Massage is also very healing and balancing for the body as it releases blocks and aids blood flow to where it is needed.”



“Great workshops! Nicky gives you a deeper understanding and connection with your fur-baby and the explains the science behind the alternative and holistic therapies available. Absolutely 100% recommend.”

Reilly Hades Taylor

Chilled Out Dogs
Nicky, founder of Chilled Out Dogs is a Dog Therapist helping dog parents with their dog’s behaviour issues as well as providing nutritional advice, dog massage and energy treatments. Nicky has a BA (Hons) from University of Oxford and is a Speaker and Teacher of dog therapy techniques