By popular demand I am posting Chilled Out Dogs Green Smoothie recipe. Otherwise known as the Hulk Smoothie for dogs. Oh yes!

chilled-out-dogs-green-smoothie-recipeAs a Dog Nutritional Therapist I am passionate about the benefits of adding raw fresh veggies to your dogs diet.

No matter what foods they are on. It is essential to supplement with fresh, raw vegetables and if you can afford it, make them organic vegetables to get the most nutrient density.



Studies show that in humans, eating veggies & fruit in early age can decrease the chance of cancer later in life by 24%! And 16% starting at any age. The same can be said for dogs!

The reason I want the vegetables that you feed your dogs to be RAW is that this is the natural way that they would consume their vegetables in nature – from eating the contents of their prey’s stomachs. And the other important factor is that the veg they consume would be in a PRE-DIGESTED state. This helps our dogs – who do not digest veggies as well as we do.

So, in order to emulate this pre-digested state, simply blend the raw veg in your food blender.

As well as this, raw veg that is blended not cooked or processed in a commercial dog food is a LIVE food not a dead food and is in the state it is meant to be eaten for all the nutrients to act together. So getting the maximum utilization of the food. ..

At the beginning of each week for me, Sunday night to be exact… out comes my blender and in goes a whole pile of veg as listed below. I make some additions of fruits to sweeten the mix up and I add some essential fats like avocado and/or cococut oil to help with the absorption of the nutrients.

I make a huge batch and freeze in easy to portion out containers. You can keep the veg fresh in the fridge for up to 2 days of use. So I plop 2 days worth of blended vegetables into each of my containers. Then during the week I simply take it out the night before I want to use it. If you’re organised it is So, so simple…

Portion sizes: a good estimate is that you want to be feeding your dog about 30% of its diet with vegetables. Don’t over tax them with veg but definitely do get their veggies into them.

Read my next blog post for the benefits of adding vegetables to your dog’s diet:


I am eating my greens honestly Aunty Nicky

 Green Smoothie Recipe for Dogs

(make this smoothie in a blender – that part is really important if you read above)


-a bunch of spinach
-handful of green beans
– 3 carrots
-3 celery sticks
-a knob of turmeric [or if you are using powder (1/4 tsp for every 10lbs of dog weight)] -a bunch of blueberries (buy frozen for a cheaper option)
-1 apple or more to taste
-1 banana
-1 avocado or a tablespoon of coconut oil
-1/4 teaspoon root ginger  great for circulation

-1 tbsp natural yoghurt or goats yoghurt

You can add some organic non-salted peanut butter to the mix too for an extra special treat 🙂

The avocado should soften the mixture up in the blender but also adding the natural yoghurt helps with the texture and is great for digestion. Goat’s yoghurt is also an option if your dog suffers from any intolerances.

And if you don’t want to follow this recipe precisely, just blend together the veg you have in your house. You can facebook message me to check any ingredients you are unsure about for your dog

Place all the ingredients into a blender


And add to your dog’s dinner or feed as a smoothie on its own. They will gobble it up!

These pugs, Bailey Bear and Audré Heppug cannot wait to taste it!


And in moments, it’s gone….

chilled-out-dogs-green-smoothie-recipe-bear chilled-out-dogs-green-smoothie-recipe-3


Milo on the other hand likes to dine from a dinner mat… 😉


And If I unpack the blender, he is there in minutes…


{Special thanks to Kirstie Beasley and Josie Starling from Manchester Pug Mania for the pug piccies}

Human version of the green smoothie

if you’d like to join in…

-3 celery sticks

-1/2 cucumber

-1 carrot

-1 apple

-2 dates (to sweeten)

-knob of turmeric

-knob of ginger

-lime juice (to taste)

-3/4 of a glass of water (use the glass you will drink out of to measure this)


To find out more about RAW feeding I would highly recommend Honey’s feeding guide as a good place to start. And if you click this link you get it FREE!



And you all know how much I love turmeric the “anti-everything” so I do hope you will start adding it to all your dogs food and even spread it out across all meal times for most benefit. The effect of turmeric only lasts a few hours.


Why, as a dog nutritionist, I love turmeric!

  • It’s a powerful antioxidant
  • It’s a natural and effective anti-inflammatory
  • It can help prevent and even treat cancer
  • It protects the liver from toxins
  • And much more!

And here is Gertie doing her bit to clean the dishes after. Thanks Gertie!


Love Nicky and Milo


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Written by Nicky