Dogs can read your energy: the key to health and happy behaviour

Dogs can read your energy

This is the theme of the first of our 5 part series of workshops at Betty and Butch in Chorlton.

And it is the title of my forthcoming book. And if you like you can pre-order here 🙂


In this workshop we will explore the importance of our energy and how human energy can affect our dogs. Dogs mirror our emotional state, mental state and how we behave. Just in the same way that we talk about children’s behaviour and parenting. It is the same for our dogs, if a dog is behaving strangely, aggressively or unsociably, the first place to look is at the parents. Any breed of dog can be healthy, happy and balanced and it does come down largely to the dog parenting.


Of course dog parenting is not the only cause of unrest in dogs, there are health reasons, neurological and pain issues that can cause our loved ones to behave aggressively or strangely. And I will discuss how our own energy can go a long way to helping them here too.

The rest of the 5-part series will explore health in more depth and cover natural remedies, fighting disease and illness, balancing and calming your dog, touch therapy, nutrition and more.


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