Dogs can read our energy…

Have you ever trusted your pet’s reading of a person before your own?
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As humans in the 21st Century, many of us value rational thought and intellect above other forms of intelligence. Living with a dog, however, and you cannot help but be reminded of how small our own intellect is and how limited compared with a dog’s powers of smell, energy and love intelligence.
I have been to one of the top universities on this small island and yet on graduating, my powers to read other’s minds was limited. Because what I didn’t understand and what only animals have been able to teach me – is that to read a mind, is not actually going to tell me very much.
To be really intelligent is to draw on all aspects of our intelligent being with equal measure. To be able
to call on the mind, the senses, spirit, energy and our heart’s intelligence.
To look beyond our sight and our mind talk. To the “knowing” within.
For example, if I see a dog barking in an offensive way at my dog, I would be inclined to intervene. To take action, presuming that the dog is aggressive. However, this is not always the case. Instead, if I look at how my own dog is responding I can read the truth of the situation. I see beyond the illusions of my mind. The preconceptions I have built around the breed of that dog, the noise I hear it making. Milo, he doesn’t judge that dog on the coat that he/she wears. He sees instead, an animal who is anxious, nervous and making noise as an expression of these emotions.
Without taking offence to these wider observations, Milo has no fear approaching the dog. Because he is using an intelligence unlimited by the mind. An emotion reading and smell intelligence, an energy reading. If on the other hand, Milo reacts with a rigid body and tail, his head in stalking position or his eyes wide and his body in avoidance, then I know something is wrong. And even though I am getting better at reading “through” Milo there are still times when I am cut off from access to my further intelligence. Take the time, when I was on a 6 mile walk with Milo in Lancashire countryside. And I had a choice of two paths, one to the right and one to the left. As I contemplated, I saw a crow launch into flight up the right path. And so of course, knowing my connection to crow, I started to make steps that way. Past the sheep and their lambs grazing in the field. And up a small incline. Milo by my side. (He is very accustomed to mum’s “Power Animal sat navigation”).
Ahead of us, was the beautiful stature of a ram with encircled horns. Standing in the middle of our
pathway forward Milo stopped and stared – this image of a meeting between two beautiful animals was too much for me to resist, so I reached in my pocket to get a picture. Taking a few snapshots of Milo and the ram, I was so engulfed by the electro magnetism of my phone – with my sight contained behind a camera lens – that I became disconnected from my other senses. Immediately as I put my phone away, these other senses kicked in. Something was not right…
Milo’s body language told me he was uncertain… I looked at Ram and he was as stiff as a ram could be. Alarm bells went off as I watched him slowly starting to paw at the earth and lower his head. And as quick as a flash, I scooped Milo up into my arms, so fast that he let out a ‘ squeak’.
I then stood as tall and wide as I could – stretching my free arm out to embody more space – and I glared with clear intent at the ram. Telling him to “move on” both verbally and energetically. I repeated “move on”. And I felt my energy communicate my absolute love for my dog, that I would fight to the death to keep him safe. I projected this out – not just physically in my stance, mentally with my eye contact but also energetically, it exuded out of my every cell – sending this information with full force. The ram hesitated. He turned his head to his babies on the embankment to the right of us (something I had completely failed to notice!!) – a whole line of lambs hovering on an embankment above. All squished together, indicating that they had been scattered up there by their dad when he first spotted us. Ram turned his head back to me and back to them again and then it clicked, from one parent to another, we understood each other. And he moved aside and scrambled up the embankment to his babies. As I continued forward with my baby still in my arms, I sighed in relief. Two animal parents, reading
each other’s intentions, body language and feelings – energetically – and coming to a compromise that achieved both our wants.
I have learned that it takes more than one element of our being to be fully intelligent. And if we are unable to connect to all of our being, our senses, both physical and not. How can we say we are intelligent.
Intelligent in one thing, maybe yes, at what cost to another…
“To be intelligent, using all of our being, now that would be something.”
That’s not to say that Milo can’t sometimes lose himself to his emotional intelligence as much as I can to my mind. When this happens, we both help each other to re-connect and balance. What I admire in Milo, is that he can read the smell a person emits in response to a situation, the emotional vibrations in their energy field, (multiplied by ten, if that person is holding on to a lead attached to him) the emotions literally run down the lead to him. Milo is not limited by a mind’s perception of what is “real”, or “how things work”. He does not hold back his actions when he doesn’t understand how he is “supposed” to act. He acts on energy impulses that are often beyond human comprehension…
Especially if we are so out of touch with our physical bodies, our senses, our intuition and blocked by the pollution and electro-magnetic charges of technology around us… And on the rare occasion when his actions could get him into trouble, that’s where I step in to balance him with the logic and reason and socially influenced protection of my mind. An equilibrius relationship.
What I love about the place that my mind has come to rest, is this: my main priority is to love and keep my dog safe. And the actions I take are aligned to this: my heart’s intelligence. My heart’s intent. An intention which can best be achieved by connecting in to all of my senses and those of my beautiful wondrous dog.

Nicky is resident animal writer for Indigo Magazine