Dog Massage


Canine massage is beneficial for our dogs’ health.

Dog massage helps to soothe the nervous system which can help dramatically with hyper-active dogs. Dog massage increases circulation which helps with organ support and overall health,  increases mobility into old age and eases pain. Does your dog have digestion problems? Yes, massage can help with this too. And dog massage strengthens immunity with decreased allergies and illness prevention.

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You may wish to book a sports massage for your dog which is a specialist form of myofascial release and sports therapy (stretching, trigger point release and acupressure) helping with injuries, pain management, arthritis and mobility issues.

  • pain relief
  • arthritis
  • injury
  • immune system boosting
  • increases circulation
  • preventative medicine
  • well-being and relaxation
  • hyper-dogs need a chill out!