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Chilled Out Dogs Behaviour Training includes home visits as well as training through online video. Nationwide. And worldwide.

Nicky offers home visit consultations which typically last 2-3 hours and are extremely thorough. She will identify the underlying reason for the behaviour issue and treat the root cause rather than the symptoms. You will be left with a tailored training program for your dog based on how they learn best. All dogs are different and Nicky will assess exactly what your dog needs.

Nicky also offers online video training with the same success as home visits. Both are face-to-face whether I’m online or in a home visit.

Nicky also provides online training programs for all your dogs’ needs:

-puppy training 6 week online course (start anytime)

-fear aggression training

-the calming protocol program of training

-face-to-face consultations over Skype or Facetime


Book a home visit consultation or an online consultation

By emailing Nicky


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The first consultation will typically take up to 2 hours and is very intense. You will be left with many techniques to put into practice as well as a better understanding of the underlying reasons for your dog’s behaviour.

I will send you a client form to fill in prior to my visit and I can perform home visits or meet you at one of the practices where I work from.

Looking forward to meeting you and your dog(s).



I do not offer refunds. If however you need to reschedule an appointment then as long as this is within a reasonable time period and I am able to accomodate it, then I am very happy to do this. If you are for any reason unhappy with a session then please tell me within the time of that session so that we can resolve this together.








Love Nicky and Milo xx paw xx