Bereavement Service

For Dog Parents,

when we lose our loved ones, the grief we experience is the same as losing a family member. Our dogs are our family and the loss can have a profound impact on our health, happiness and ability to function and move forward. We just miss them so much.


Sometimes we even experience feelings of guilt surrounding the loss of our loves. Feelings of “could I have done more”, “I should have spotted the signs earlier” or feelings of helplessness in their last hours.

It is natural to want to blame someone or ourselves for the passing of our loves. To feel anger at our inability to control the outcome. With the work I have done connecting with animal spirits, the overwhelming feedback of love that I get tells me that your dog, cat, rabbit, pet think you are absolutely amazing in their eyes. They do not understand these feelings we experience in their last moments as they are thankful for the incredible love and life you have lived together. To them, you are perfect, in every moment and no matter what has happened. This is their gift to us.


The way that we experience their last hours is also perfect, no matter what has happened. As this is the way they and us are meant to experience it. And if this was traumatic then there is always a reason you have both experienced it in this way. If it was peaceful then this is perfect too. Both our souls and theirs are thankful for whatever the experience has been even if we have trouble rationalising it in our own minds and bodies.


Having experienced the loss of members of my dog family over the years I have had many of these feelings too. Although, of course, we can never experience the same as another person but it does mean that I understand something from my own emotions of loss, helplessness, anger, lethargy, depression.



What has helped me greatly is the continued signs that I receive from my loved ones who have passed over. These have helped me to accept their passing, to keep them close to me and always in my heart. They have also helped me to know the exact moment when I needed to add a new member to the family to help me move forward and love again. Love is inexhaustible and needs a receiver. The lessons we learn from one dog life to another help us make the earth a better place and us better dog parents. The more we understand about our dogs, the more we can give to each new dog life that comes into our lives. And our level of understanding at any given point was perfect for that moment and time.

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If you would like help with the loss of your loved one please do get in touch and book a consultation. I help with bereavement and moving forward and also connecting with your loved one in spirit if this is something that you would be interested in doing.


Much love to you,