Behaviour Therapy

Nicky believes that the most effective way to help change a behaviour issue in your dog, is to identify the underlying cause to this behaviour. Whether it be anxiety, trauma, health, there can be many reasons. Left unattended, behaviour and health issues can escalate. Your dog is trying to tell you something. Let us find out what that is and help heal your loved ones. By treating the cause and not the symptom you will find the behaviour or health issue will transform.

The behaviour therapy and training that Nicky offers, differs from other dog trainers and behaviourists in that it is sensitive dog behaviour approach that takes a fully holistic view of your dog: treating the physical, emotional and psychological/behavioural concerns your dog may be suffering with. Nicky looks to identify the root cause of the behaviour.

She offers the following services: behaviour therapy and training, nutrition, massage, energy therapy, animal communication.

As well as behaviour training you can ask for an energy therapy session for your dog to release any emotional causes to the underlying issue.

Also provided are physical assessments, nutritional therapy and dog communication to look past the symptoms and at the cause of the issue.

This is a truly holistic approach to animal behaviour.

Initial consultation is generally a home visit and can last around 2 hours. Nicky also offers Skype/Facetime consultations which have great success rates too.

Book a consultation and find out more…or give me a call to have a quick chat for more information

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Two of my beautiful dog clients on the therapist’s couch 🙂