Animal Communication

Ever said the words “I wish they could tell me what is wrong”. Then animal communication is for you…

By communicating energetically with our animals we increase our connection and understanding. Helping to resolve behavioural issues, emotional anxiety and stress as well as “dis-ease” and physical problems in our dogs.

Nicky’s role is to provide guidance, communication and mentoring.

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Anna Breytenbach (animal communicator in South Africa) my fellow country woman puts it beautifully:

“psychic animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals! Most of us have simply forgotten how, but can recall instances from childhood or other times in our lives when we’ve been connected to our intuitive abilities and perceived things in a non-physical manner. We can all remember how to listen and perceive the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul.” I really can’t put it any better.

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How Does Animal Communication Work?

This I get asked a lot. What I can tell you is that it is the preparation for energy exchange and making an intention to speak with your animal which makes the initial connection. I always ask for dogs’ and animals permission before connecting with them and I am respectful of the animal’s feelings to pick the right moment.

Information is then received in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations in the body, sounds in the mind, emotions, sudden knowings, etc.  various investigative sciences (e.g. new physics) attribute it to an aspect of the energy that animates all matter. Thoughts and emotions have a very real electromagnetic energetic consequence that can be perceived.

The key to receptivity lies in intention – as much a matter of the heart as it is of the mind.


Providing a space for an animal to communicate is very important to them. You may have noticed how your dog or animal has tried to communicate with you in so many ways even some that are alien to them. Animals in nature are quiet beings most of the time. They do not sit all day and bark, they don’t chew everything in sight, or wee in their lodgings. Your dog is trying his/her hardest to get through to you and to express themselves in a way that will get noticed.

Nicky provides a space dedicated to communicating with your animal. To enable them to express themselves and be heard in their natural “voice”. This is a healing in itself.

Depression and grief can manifest in emotional and physical health problems and communication can provide acknowledgement and help for your loved one(s). Specific behaviour problems can be investigated and understood through telepathic communication, and training techniques can be improved with the animal’s cooperation. Assisting animals with change and transitions helps prevent anxiety and abandonment fears. Separation anxiety is one of the biggest issues dogs face in our modern society.

The benefits for you as a human are immense. Become bi-lingual in animal communication and ask for a session with Nicky.