About Nicky

Nicky has an honours degree from the University of Oxford and is a qualified Dog Therapist specialising in sensitive dog behaviour training.

Her love of animals has taken her down a route of studying animal and dog psychology, dog communication, dog nutrition and canine massage. As well as the most important job in her life – being a dog mum.

Nicky teaches workshops on the psychology of dogs as well being a Speaker at national and international animal conferences.

Clients range from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, alpacas, tortoises and she has even given massage to a parrot.

She offers 1-1 dog training and consultations for dogs with behaviour issues, health concerns and mobility issues. As well as providing more “alternative” energy therapy and Reiki treatments from a practice in Manchester. 

Nicky is a continual student in the Inka Paq’o Fourth Level discipline. Communicating with animals, trees, rivers, mountains and more… She enjoys integrating her scientific dog behaviour background with quantum physics, energy practices and animal communication. Believing that it is the support of both disciplines: science and mysticism that gets her such incredible results with her animal clients.